Conducting Sticks

Conducting Sticks

  The shafts of these conducting sticks are constructed from hollow carbon fiber, which make them extremely lightweight and responsive. Their high tensile strength prevents them from splitting or splintering even during vigorous conducting. The shaft is streamlined to reduce air resistance and heat painted bright white to provide optimal protection and visibility.

  The handles (grips) are made from natural cork, which is soft to the touch for improved comfort and reduced finger strain. The shape of the handle is specially designed to provide full control. Unlike traditional conducting sticks, ISHAWN’s Douglas Bostock Series are length-adjustable. This unique patented design allows every conductor to adjust the baton to his or her preference while maintaining precise balance

Media Report

WIND BAND PRESS        2018-12-10

「先端で音楽を表現することができる、素晴らしい指揮棒」指揮者ダグラス・ボストック氏&KUO Wen-Yen氏「ISHWAN指揮棒」ショート・インタビュー…………..Link